"Normally, I hand my field notes to a log data entry person for completion. For my latest project, I completed 70 logs in the field before returning to the office. I estimate it saved me over 40 hours of 'back and forth.'"

Fabrizio Mascioni, Parsons

"I have found GeoGraphics to be well laid out, easy to learn, and in stark contrast to Gint, very user friendly."

Shawn Roberts, Padre Associates

Articles & Videos

Using a Tablet PC with your Logbook to Maximize Efficiency in the Field

Originally, we aimed to replace the logbook with direct data entry into a field computer. After testing, we concluded that creating a paper hardcopy and then transcribing while still in the field is still a major time saver.


Boring Log Software

The first boring log software programs were developed in the early 1980's when relatively inexpensive personal computers and plotters became standard equipment in offices.


QuickLog Overview

This video demonstrates QuickLog basics - opening and saving files, using the graphic interface to enter data, and browsing sample logs to see QuickLog's range of features. After viewing, you should be confident that QuickLog is fast, user-friendly and capable of producing your log format.


QuickLog - Creating a Custom Log Format

This video shows you how to create the header via drag and drop, place your graphic logo, and setup the columns for the body of the log. A sample template log is created in about 20 minutes.