"At another company, we used Gint -- Gint is so complicated that we needed a costly Gint-trained specialist dedicated to using it.   If everyone can't use the software, it's not worth it!"

Martin Wills, Western Resource Management

"As a prior WinLog user, I expected QuickLog to have a  similar set-up time. So, I set aside three days to create new templates and prepare several logs. To my surprise, I created the templates and logs within a few hours and spent the next two days fishing."

Jason Iseler, Pescador

"We purchased LogPlot but shortly returned it - not very user-friendly. After a few days with QuickLog, we were very happy!"

Frank Kimmel, Remediation Consultants

"We were able to get the same presentation we had with AutoCAD in much less time"

Michael Li, Parsons Engineering Science

Getting Started

Select "Download," above, and then select the latest version.

After installation, run GeoGraphics and then click "Help" to view the online manual - you could also view and/or print the PDF manual located in the "\program files\mtech2014" folder.

Read the "Overview" and work through the brief tutorial. Although you are in "demo mode," you will be able to create a template log that you can use later, when you have a full license - so, the time you spend evaluating the demo is actually productive if you later purchase or rent GeoGraphics.

If you like, create templates for all of the types of logs that you do - feel free to contact us if need any help. You can be sure that QuickLog meets your needs before you spend any money.

Contact us about license options - try QuickLog on a project for just $50!

Product Comparison

GeoGraphics vs. Gint, WinLog, LogPlot, Etc.

QuickLog is much easier to setup and use. You will save time when making template changes, training new users, and every time you create logs. QuickCross/Fence offers a set of drawing tools and a macro language that enable you to create cross sections and fence diagrams more quickly and at a higher quality than the competition.

Contact us about a competitive upgrade. You may be able to switch at no cost - we just want to take over the annual contract!

GeoGraphics vs. AutoCAD, Microstation, Etc.

First of all, with QuickLog, a geologist or data entry person can enter data to create logs and cross sections much faster than a CAD operator drawing them using CAD. QuickLog offers the data-entry person "pick-lists" of often used soil descriptions and automatically scales objects. Secondly, QuickLog can be used in the field - try that with CAD! Thirdly, GeoGraphics offers an unlimted library of geologic fill patterns that CAD systems typically do not have. Lastly, if you need to customize your log or cross section, you can use GeoGraphics's drawing tools or export it into CAD - so, ulitmately it offers the same flexibility as CAD.

GeoGraphics vs. Excel

As mentioned above, GeoGraphics offers soil description "pick-lists," auto-scaling, and geologic fill patterns which save time and convey a much more professional look than Excel can offer.