"I am calling just to tell you how awesome the software is - no other message! I will do an endorsement if needed."

Dale Woodall, Hazclean

New Study on Tablet PCs in the Field

Using a Tablet PC with your Logbook to Maximize Efficiency in the Field

Originally, we aimed to replace the logbook with direct data entry into a field computer. After testing, we concluded that creating a paper hardcopy and then transcribing while still in the field is still a major time saver. Read complete article here.

QuickLog Version 2014 Just Released - New Features

Globally Change Information in Multiple .BOR Files

Let's say that you just completed 40 boring log diagrams and now realize that you misspelled your client's name on each. Or, you decide that you want to add a new column in each of these 40 logs. You don't have to open and edit each of these files. Instead, you can use this utility to edit one file and then use it as a template to update the remaining files.

Multiple Computer Installs

To help your IT staff save time, we've included instructions detailing how they can install to one machine while setting up your logo, fill pattern files, description pick lists, etc. Then, they can copy that install to multiple machines duplicating the settings for the first machine.

Export to AGS

The AGS format is a data interchange format for the geotechnical community used widely around the world. It was setup in 1991 to reduce geotechnical data formats down to one standard format for transferring data between geotechnical & geoenvironmental databases and applications. Data from multiple boring log files (.BOR) can now be exported into one AGS 4.0 format data file.

Multi-Width Surface Casings

Previously, surface casings could be displayed with only a default width of borehole outside the casing. Now, the user can adjust this width and even display two different widths outside one surface casing.

More Sample Box Fill Patterns

Added is another core pattern as well as two diagonal line patterns.

Custom Header Updates - Vertical Text, Filled Rectangles

Using this editor, you can now add vertical text to customize your column headings. Also, you can add filled rectangles to create a legend for your sample box, well, and graphic columns.

New Features for QuickLog Version 2012

New Column Type - Bar Graph
Auto-Populate Water Levels and Surface Elevation
Show Scale in both Meters and Feet on the Same Page
Custom Note Boxes to be Placed Anywhere on the Diagram
More Options for Labeling USCS and Parameter Columns
Surface Casings over Multiple Pages
Improved Scale Numbering
Hide Unused Data Entry Columns
Quick-Open File List

New Features for QuickLog Version 2010

Number of Description Item Columns Increased from 6 to 15
Sample Parameter and General Parameter Editors Expand to Fit Screen
General Parameters can be Organized into 5 Sets and Graphed Independently
Boring Information Outer and Column Widths can be Adjusted
Field Versions of QuickLog Optimized for Tablet PC and PDA
Legend Boxes in the Header
New Column Type: Bar Graph

New Features for QuickLog Version 2009

Specify Font Size in each Section of Log
Option to Remove Bottom Line from each Page Break
Number of Description Item Columns Increased to Six
Specify Color of Well Inner Layer Items, Specify Widths of Well Outer Layers
Show Well Diagrams for two Separate Boreholes on one Log
Munsell Code Colors Defined - Easily Usable on Logs and Cross Sections
Soil Samples Increased from 80 to 100
Specify Color of Water Level Symbol
Option to Place Screen Interval in Water Level Column
Specify Blow Count Graph Scale
Option to Rotate Elevation Column Heading
Option for each Log to use a Different Logo File
Improved Surface Casing Drawing on Well Diagram
More Options for Boring Information and Well Construction Formatting
Option to Place Well Construction Information on Multiple Pages
Well Construction Lines Increased from 30 to 100
Option to have Well Construction Box end at Bottom of Boring
Option to make "Dashed" the Default Line Type Description

New Features for QuickLog Version 2007

Specify Widths of Elevation, Formation, and Well Diagram Columns
Special Sample Symbols (“Shelby,” “Core,” “ModCA,” “SPT”)
Blow Count Column can have Dividing Lines
Right Justify & Center in Description Column
Specify Widths of Well Casings in Inches
Vertical Arrows through Regions
Adjust Column Header Height
Place 2 Borings on a Page
Borings in 11 x 17 Portrait
Enhanced PDF Support
Mouse Scroll Wheel Support
AutoSave Current File Every 2 Minutes
Double-Click Filename to Open Files
Recent File List under “File” Menu
Water Levels above Ground
Separate General Parameter Fields with Tabs in Outside Files

New Features for QuickCross/Fence Version 2012

Place Site Map above Cross Section/Fence Diagram
Place Graphs on Cross Section not bound by a Box

New Features for QuickCross/Fence Version 2009

Use Drawing Macro Language to Place Objects on Cross Sections
Use Fine Control, [ctrl][arrow keys] to Precisely Move Selected Objects
Option to Remove Box Around Parameter Values on Cross Section
Option to Enter Layer and Well Data as either a Depth or an Elevation
Choose Sections on Fence by Clicking on List of Borings
Default Water Level is Imported from Boring Files

New Features for QuickCross/Fence Version 2007

Redesigned Interface for QuickFence, No Longer needs .BOR Files for Fence
Color from Boring Logs Imports into Cross Sections & Fence Diagrams