"The biggest advantage is not having to use a draftsperson...the draftsperson usually doesn't have a knowledge of geology, so it took too long...now I can easily make my own corrections"

David Boyer, Covenant Technical Associates

QuickCross/Fence - Overview

The data from QuickLog is easily imported into QuickCross and QuickFence. With a click of a button, you add borings to your cross section or fence list. You can also create cross sections or fence diagrams without using QuickLog by entering the geologic layer data directly into the editor. Below is the cross section data for 4 borings:

After two or more borings have been added to a list, you can immediately preview your cross section or fence diagram. Below is a cross section generated from the list above. Each geological layer is marked with its fill pattern abbreviation (ex. SM). In minutes, you have a basic cross section drawn perfectly to scale. Accomplishing this task in CAD would take hours.

In addition to labeling the layers, you may choose to have them filled with a fill pattern inside the representation of the borehole:

You also have the option of letting the program connect the geological layers using its artificial intelligence:

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